About Us

Welcome to our beautiful diner! Look around, they don’t make them like this anymore. It’s like stepping into a time warp—1956 to be exact, when this diner was built by the Mountain View Diner Company—Americana at its finest, right here, folks

The reason why our t-shirts say ‘making memories happen’ is because people are always stopping through, telling us their memories in this charming, vintage landmark diner. Generations of families have gathered here; all kinds of people both local and coming in off the highway— sharing an hour or two over simple, hot, fresh comfort food from our kitchen. The Village Diner is a place where many friendships have been made, and quite a few love stories… including my own! I met my husband in this diner. 

We don’t do fancy shmancy. We do homemade delicious food. Imagine your mama’s or grandma’s kitchen for the whole community, from soups and sandwiches to fresh salads, wraps, and roasts with gravy, all from scratch. 

We are known for our fabulous breakfast all day, hand-made burgers (no frozen stuff here), and our marinated grilled chicken is bursting with flavor, popular with those wanting lighter options. Don’t forget to try our Greek food, because surprise, we are Greeks in the diner business! 

We invite you to sit down and relax. I hope my favorite diner will become your favorite diner, where you will also be “making memories happen!”